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Visionary storytelling

Over 10 years ago, I discovered YouTube and the power of a camera. Since then I have created comedic shorts, emotional films, and action highlights for events.

My purpose is to create stories that will leave my audience feeling some sort of emotion. If that isn't conveyed, then it's back to the drawing board– or in this case, the screenplay.

Revise. Produce. Release: the cycle.


I filmed and documented myself every day from July 2019 to July 2021 and made it into a film. This is part of my story. This... is real.

The Synthetics

30 years later, the Louisvillian band "The Synthetics" reminisces their roadtrip to New York City to obtain a record deal that lead to their debut music video on MTV.


when the smoke clears

4 college students attempt to steal test answers from their Spanish professor in order to pass the class and go on their dream summer trip.

When You Need Advice

When I was a sophomore in High School, I came up with the idea to create a film where I talk to my future selves for advice. This was all filmed in real-time and took 3 years to finish.

-Artist Spotlight-

Young Mister

Steven Fiore, aka Young Mister, is a singer/songwriter based out of North Carolina. This is the backstory of his self-titled album, "Young Mister." 

A Rough Journey

Through the rough tides, love keeps everyone together. This is the story of my family.

Behind D.a.m.


After needing a topic for his film class project, Nick stumbles across a local film crew on the University of Louisville's campus who have supposedly created a whole new genre of film.

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