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Through My Eyes


Your magical day deserves

to be remembered. Let's make some magic together!

Throw me in the mosh pit. Send me backstage. I'll do what it takes

to capture your moment.

Strike a pose. Smile. Shine your blue steel. Whatever the moment may bring, I'm here for it!

Your product is perfection.

Allow me to showcase its quality.

Capturing the world one frame at a time.

Our work

Script to Screen


What Will Lucy Do Next?

BEST PICTURE WINNER at Louisville's International Festival of Film 2022


Co-Producer | Cinematographer | Film Editor | Story Editor

The story follows Lucy Proctor, Hollywood's new "it girl", and her ex-boyfriend director, David, who's stuck back in Louisville, Ky wallows in self-pity about her success. However, his roommate, Rufus, hatches an idea to use old short films to take advantage of Lucy's success and potentially make David Hollywood's new "it director".

Released May 8th, 2023

To Remember


Director | Cinematographer | Film Editor | Writer

On my 23rd birthday, I decided to document my life every day for an entire year. Little did I know COVID would begin 7 months into this project. The story follows me and the importance of memory.

Released August 28, 2021

The Synthetics

Official Selection: Louisville's International Festival of Film 2018 | Orlando Film Festival 2018


Co-Producer | Film Editor

30 years later, the Louisvillian band "The Synthetics" reminisces their roadtrip to New York City to obtain a record deal and play at the legendary CBGB's venue which lead to their "Madam" music video premiered on MTV's "The Basement Tapes".


Groupie Studios, LLC

Support Local Music

Co-Founder + Ceo

Share your favorite albums, songs, and playlists with friends and discover local musicians on the Groupie app!

Groupie's mission is building a positive community one song at a time.


Groupie is, and will always strive to be, a positive community full of passionate music lovers; groupies. Music speaks, and we listen. Each and every person has this unique experience and we believe you, and your music taste, deserves to share this experience with others. Whether it be the song that wakes you every morning, an album that reproduces memories from 'the good ole days', or a playlist you expertly crafted to tell a story song-by-song, Groupie welcomes you to share the sounds that speak to your soul.

For more information, visit our website:

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Experience music together.

The best way to share music with your friends.

'Your Record Wall'

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I am a storyteller and digital media-focused creative based in Chicago, Illinois. My job is to not only provide a new and interesting perspective, but also capture key moments that create everlasting memories for my clients.

There's no better feeling than capturing "the photo" or creating "the edit" that I believe my clients will be excited about. This excitement is what motivates me to continue to be diverse amongst others in my field of business. Personally, there isn't a day I don't think about how can I approach something differently in order to achieve the 'wow' factor.

One of the most asked questions creative entrepreneurs ask themselves daily is "what content will I create today?" Alongside this, I ask myself an additional question: "what memories will I capture today?"

This is what I always strive to do with my clients:
capture memories and create the content you deserve.



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